"A Better Way To Manage Our Client's Portfolios" is what was asked.
City Partners Group is focused on providing clarity and delivering value on every encounter. By request City Partners introduces High Net Worth and Sophisticated clients to investment opportunities that aim to outperform the market regardless of market condition. We are highly focused on ethical opportunities and look for impact investments that promote sustainability for the planet and the investor.

We were approached to create a new method for creating a back-end client portal for the team at city partners to manage their clients portfolio.

We over deliver and the final results were in their words "outstanding and much better than they expected".
City Partners
Logo, Graphic Design, Storyboard, Branding, Web Developement
Illustrator, Photoshop, XD, InDesign,
logo design, branding, city-partners, graphic design, designer, investments
£2k – £3k