"Pixel Perfect look book by tomorrow" is what was asked.
Emma Hope is a well know fashion retailer in London. With store in some one London's most prestigious areas Emma hope has become a regal brand recognised amongst London's elite. We were asked to create a pixel perfect look book with an extremely short turnaround in order to display the latest collection in front of the buyers before they reach their seasonal spend. This was not only a massive task but also bared a great deal of responsibility on our end as this single instrument has the power to bring in hundred of thousands of sales in for our client. We were able to meet our clients deadline with delivering photoshoots, photo retouching, photo manipulation, copy, email marketing, digital and print ready version on both wholesale a retail look books.
Emma Hope
Logo, Graphic Design, Storyboard, Branding, Presentations
Illustrator, Photoshop, XD, InDesign, Powerpoint, photo retouching,
logo design, branding, mcrobin, graphic design, designer, fashion
£2k – £4k